Free Fidget Spinner Giveaway Contest

Here at iFidget we LOVE getting the community engaged and excited!

That's why we host Free Fidget Spinner Giveaway Contests every month to encourage you guys to get creative and show off the fun of spinners :)

Our current iFidget hosted contests are listed below:

    Creative Media Contest

    Rules: Email your most creative spinner related photo or link your most creative spinner related video. They could be in unique places, show off creative tricks, simply be with just the right lighting, anything! Just have fun and be creative.

    End Date: May 31st, midnight

    How: Send your best photo or link your best video (you can only send one of each) to before May 31st midnight to enter. If you send more than one you'll be disqualified, so pick your best!

    Prizes for Best Photos: 

    • 1st: $50 in-store gift credit 
    • 2nd: $30 in-store gift credit
    • 3rd: $25 in-store gift credit 

    Prizes for Best Videos: 

    • 1st: $100 in-store gift credit 
    • 2nd: $50 in-store gift credit
    • 3rd: $30 in-store gift credit