Fidget Spinner Tricks Guide from iFidget

Cool Fidget Spinner Tricks are super hot right now.

They became a sensation that took over the world since the start of 2017.

These perfectly designed toys were made to keep fidgety hands and minds busy, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and prevent symptoms of ADHD.

Strangely, this invention became an instant pop culture hit with kids inventing genius tricks that make them look pretty darn cool.

It's very satisfying to master these tricks and show off to friends.

Below are the latest and greatest tricks of 2017.



1) The Elevator:

The Elevator is the simplest move out there. Simply spin the fidget spinner in one hand, holding it between your thumb and another finger (easiest to do with your middle finger). Make sure that your thumb is on top while the other finger is underneath to succeed. Next, carefully remove your thumb from the hold and adjust your other finger as needed so that the spinner balances only on that finger.


2) The Change-Up: 

A classic fidget trick where you swap hands while spinning. Start off by spinning the fidget spinner in one hand, then simply toss it in the air and catch with the other hand. The trick to making this work while the spinner remains spinning is to spin and catch with your thumb and middle finger only, giving you the most space between fingers to catch – make sure to keep your other fingers away from the spinner when catching.


3) The Reverse Sonic:

Loosely hold one arm of the spinner, and with the flick of the wrist, flip it in the air lightly so that it doesn’t go too high. Doing this should cause the fidget to be spinning while in the air. Next, catch the spinner with your thumb and any other finger while its in the air, making sure that the other fingers don’t touch the spinner and stop it.


4) The Dreidel:

Pop the top off one of the spinners middle covers and attach it on top of a pencil or pen. Next, spin carefully so that the spinner doesn’t fall off to create a cool looking effect. Once you’ve got that down, find a way to attach the pencil/pen spinner to anything and spin away to create a dreidel effect.




5) The X-tetrad Leapfrog:

This is where things start to get challenging. Start off this trick by using one we already covered, the elevator. While doing the elevator on one finger, pump that finger so that the fidget rises into the air, then catch it with one of your other fingers, and continue on. Once you’ve got the hang of that, perform this from your index finger to your pinky to complete the trick.


6) The Polarity Switch:

Pinch the fidget spinner between the thumb and index finger of one hand, and flip it into the air so that it does a complete 180, then catch with your thumb and index again. This trick requires a LOT of practice to do without letting the spinner stop.




7) Single and Double Tap

To do these tricks, you’ve got to be a master at handling fidget spinners. Start off with the single tap by performing the elevator then tossing the spinner into the air and catching it with the back of your hand. Without the spinner stopping, toss it back into the air and catch it again with your index or middle finger to get back to the elevator form.

To kick it up a notch and perform the double tap, simply do the single tap twice. The difficulty in this trick lies in how the spinner slows down during the tap.


8) The 9-Fingered Death Punch:

Start off by performing the X-tetrad Leapfrog until the spinner is on your pinky after making its way down from your index. Next, pump the spinner up into the air while on your pinky and catch it on your index finger (crazy, I know). Once it’s back on your index, perform the X-tetrad leapfrog again and you’re done.