Revolver Fidget Spinner - Best Spinner of 2017 (On Sale Now!)

Gun-metal Revolver fidget spinner 

Our new release, the Revolver Fidget Spinner, is arguably the best designed yet of 2017. It features ceramic 688 high-speed bearings and comes in a sturdy metal tin for stylish storage. Variants include different color options of gold, silver, bronze, and black.

This fidget spinner model easily hits spin times of 3 – 4 minutes on average, with further bearing care taking it to a whopping 7 minutes. The spinner is made of sturdy aluminum and padded to allow for extra durability as well as extended spin time by improving overall structural balance. The design, giving off a cool mechanical look, might look a bit odd at first, but is certainly made to enhance balance during spin time for a smoother experience.

To expand further on the design, our exclusive variation of the classic fidget tri-spinner approach includes 3 circular foundations located on the 3 arms of the fidget spinner. These 3 domes are also in the shape of a 6 round revolver gun barrel, which is where the design name is derived from.

Perfect for all environments of play, we've drop tested this spinner on concrete outside and wooden floors indoors with great results (from reasonable heights of course). If you're looking for a great spinner that holds up even against rough play and spins perfectly, this is the one for you.



Learn more about Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are toys and tools made to help people reduce stress, improve focus/concentration, relieve anxiety, help with handling autism, and relieve ADHD symptoms. With proven abilities to help those dealing with any of the previously mentioned problems, these trendy fun toys are made with care and are mainly composed of steel, copper, plastic, brass or titanium. They are 2017’s hottest toy and every kid’s favourite for sure. With great demand by everybody, these toys are used not only by children, but also by people of all age groups (teens, adults, the elderly).  


What is a Fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is a type of fidget toy first created back in the 90’s. The structure and design is usually similar to a palm sized ceiling fan with a middle bearing and three arms. Due to its small size, the toy could be played without anyone noticing it and without bothering anyone. They’re extremely simple to use. All you have to do is hold the middle bearing between two fingers and spin with the other hand or fingers – extremely satisfying and soothing to look at. The product is now widespread and available in different models, colors, finishes, materials, and different shapes.

Why are they so popular? 

The reason is probably because of a mix of all the benefits the spinners bring. Everyone in the world has at some point dealt with some stress, feelings of anxiety, or needed to improve focus/concentration. That’s why these toys are so popular now, since they work so well and are so cheap. Others theorize that the success of the kickstarter campaign for the fidget cube made the fidget toys popular and brought them back essentially. Nonetheless, the fidget spinner has blown up like no other toy before and makes up most of Amazon’s best seller list due to huge demand. The toy can be seen in every child’s hand and more so adults as time goes on, since they’re great to play with and make for great gifts for all ages.

Are fidgets just a trend that will fade?  

Nobody can say for sure, but for now they’re the trendiest thing out. People may forget about them more as time goes on, but they’ll never really be gone since people will always struggle with focusing and stress. Who knows, perhaps the fidget cubes may take over spinners with some tweaks here and there, or some other toy with benefits will come along and catch the eyes of everyone. For now, the fidget spinner is the best toy out there for all ages and is a must have item for 2017.

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